Who is Brendan Elias?

Brendan Elias has been a hot name in the importing business for a quite some time. He is the founder of China Import Formula, which is a how-to guide of sorts on how to make money from going straight to Chinese manufacturers. His seminars are well attended and his book, Import from China Revealed, is a national success. His import lifestyle tips are sought-after globally.


Brendan actually has importing in his blood! Before he was a successful businessman, he learned a few things from his father, Nat Elias. The patriarch was an import mogul, bringing in watches, handheld games and video game consoles into Australia. According to Brendan, his father would “import anything” and that it was always “like Christmas”, as his father had an eye for products that were likely to sell.


At first, Brendan Elias was on the road to becoming a lawyer. He was enamoured with the idea of speaking in front of an audience and judge, making his arguments. However, as he was completing his degree on Commerce Law at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, he noticed something.

His older brother, who was 10 years older than him, was part of a successful law firm and was on the way to becoming a partner. He observed that his brother didn’t seem happy despite all his achievements. He realised that this was because his brother was “trading time for dollars”. “If you’re trading time for dollars, there’s a limit to the amount you can earn,” Brendan says.

Upon finishing is Commerce Law degree, he travelled the world to study about trade, eventually studying International Trade Law at the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg. He also has degrees in Chinese Contract Law from the Beijing University of Politics and Law and International Copyright Law from Queens University in Canada.

With the proper education and the drive to succeed, he went on to start his business.

Rough Road to Trading Success

Brendan remembers his first import product as DVDs. When he first started buying them in bulk, he would get them from Australian suppliers. As he got to study in China, he had the advantage of meeting with manufacturers who could deliver the same product as a fraction of the price. This is where he got his start.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games. Brendan remembers a time when he was given seven shipping containers full of faulty goods. There was even a time, he recalls, that the shipment was a no-show! But all these roadblocks did not stop him from persevering, and eventually, he became successful in the trading lifestyle.


Today, Brendan Elias runs a successful trading business and helps other entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. He shares his knowledge and wisdom using in-depth programs about the Chinese trading industry, he’s helped hundreds start and run their own businesses. He’s really made a difference in people’s lives through his books, seminars, and especially through China Import Formula.