Things to Look for in Subic Beach Resort

Whenever you travel, pay extra attention to the accommodation to avoid any issues. Sure, the place can look nice and modern, but is the location good? How about the inclusion of the package? Get to know these things to have a lovely stay. In some tourist’s destinations, locals try to squeeze money out of travellers. To prevent this from happening, make sure to check the reviews of the place. Here are the things to look for in Subic beach resort:

Big closet

If you’re staying in a hotel for more than 5 days, consider getting rooms with big closet. This is important to secure all your belongings and make them organised. In some hotels, the cleaners can go inside the room without a consent. Therefore, all the valuable items must be stored in a safe place.

Closets are underrated because some travellers bring their money and gadgets with them on different activities. But you still need to leave other items which have a great value like jewellery, clothes and shoes.

Own bathroom

In some budget-friendly accommodation, bathrooms are shared with other guests. This is kind of awkward because you’ll never know when someone is taking a picture of you naked. Therefore, when looking for Subic beach resort, get a room with a private bathroom.

This is crucial when travelling with your family because comfort is sacrificed. Therefore, check the amenities of the rooms first, before landing the reservation.

Free breakfast

Some Subic beach resort provide free breakfast upon availing their rooms. This is a privilege given to the guests to enjoy the whole stay. Aside from the free breakfast, guests can be entitled to refreshments upon arrival. Ask the receptionist if the room includes a free breakfast so you can save money. Call the hotel to double check.

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