Signs you May Need to Change your Veterinary Doctor

Finding a good vet fee-help diplomas that not only fits your budget and your time constraints, but also delivers on the ‘caring for your pet’ front is definitely hard. To top it all if you think that your vet is not providing you with the best service and you may need to replace him with someone else, you are in even deeper waters. It is hard to know for sure if your apprehensions about your vet’s capabilities are just that, or is there something more to your fears. So if you ever have a doubt and you are in two minds about your current vet, check for these signs that will tell you that you need to find a replacement soon!

Your pet has been sick for a long time and is not getting better

The first sign that you need to change your vet comes from your pet. If your animal friend has been sick for a long time and your current vet has not been able to change his state with his treatment then you know that he is not the best person for the job.

There are many diseases that are brought about by the old age of the pet and there is not much that a vet can do to prevent these but there certainly are medicines and treatments available that can alleviate the symptoms. If you feel like your vet is fumbling around for ideas and has little or no clue about what he is supposed to do, then you should start looking at the phone book asap.\

Your vet is not aware of the new treatments and guidelines

Declawing your cat was a trend some years back. Right now it’s considered illegal and a form of torture for the felines. Most vet services put these guidelines and flyers up on their notice boards for all customers to see. If your vet is still stuck in the old age and refuses to acknowledge the new methods of treatment then you should better start looking for someone new.

This is not to say that the treatments available before were not good, but flouting animal rights norms in the current day can put you and your pet in serious trouble. It goes without saying that to know if your vet is flouting rules you need to be aware of the changes in the rules as well and keep yourself regularly updated of the latest developments and guidelines.

Bad manners and a bad attitude

Vets need to be patient with pets, and if they display bad bedside manners then the pet too becomes nervous and fidgets a lot. You can easily distinguish a bad vet from a good one by the way they reach out to your pet and the amount of patience they display in handling your pet. If your vet is unsympathetic towards your pet’s problems, is rough while handling your pet, or forces you to explain your pet’s symptoms fast without giving you a patient listening then you better be on the lookout for someone better soon.