4 Questions to Ask a Plant Nursery Provider

When you’re looking to put plants in your yard, you must go to a plant nursery. Of course, you must be very choosy with the establishment you’ll do business with. You must check out the reviews they got from people who bought items from them. Once you settle on a specific plant nursery, you must ask the provider about these questions:

Do you deliver your items, or we need to go there?

There are some nurseries that deliver their shrubs whilst other prefer clients to go to their place. However, this arrangement wouldn’t be convenient for you as you need to visit the place every now and then.

Do you also sell seeds?

If you’re the type of person who prefers to see the plant grow in your home, you must ask if the provider also sell seeds other than the common plants. Some nurseries sell seeds whilst there are others who nurtured the plants and sell it to their customers.

Do you deliver to other countries?

If you prefer a plant nursery that’s located in another country, you shouldn’t give up on purchasing items they sell. If they’re an established company, don’t be surprised if they’re capable of delivering the items you want straight to your doorstep.

Can I pick up the items?

If you live near the plant nursery and you’re excited to see the plants, you must ask if you can pick them up. If they answered yes, schedule an appointment to ask about the time of pick up. Doing this can help the provider prepare the plants you purchased.

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