Household Pest Control Services

Protect the lives of your loved ones by availing of the pest control services. You may not know it but your home may also be the home of pests that can contaminate your food and lead to serious medical illnesses. The contaminated food and water cause diarrhea and dehydration. In addition, contaminated food and water can lead to weight loss and anemia due to intestinal worms. So act fast and set an appointment with pest control services as that is your first defense against sickness and infections.

1) Bed bugs- these are tiny pests that cannot be easily seen by the naked eye. They hide in small areas like small cracks and crevices but they also hide in folds of the beds as well as in the seams. If you avail of pest control services, the trained technicians can easily detect the bed bugs and apply the necessary treatment. The common signs of bed bugs infestation are small red marks on your skin which are itchy and can cause infection when scratched continuously.

2) Rodent infestation– rodents pose a great risk to your health and property. The rodents chew on electrical wirings on the ceilings and this can lead to fire. They can also damage your belongings such as books and even clothes. So call the pest control services and do not allow these rodents to harm you, your loved ones, and your property. Rodents are carrier of germs that cause leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and pulmonary fever.

3) Cockroaches– these pests can spread diseases like food poisoning. The cockroaches subsist on dead animals and plants, and the food in the kitchen. They crawl at night time and you may not know it but your food may have already been contaminated by cockroaches. Set an appointment with the pest control services as they use chemicals that have long-lasting effects.

4) Ants– these pests, though small in sizes but they are difficult to control and can cause some health issues. The ants carry with them germs and they crawl on food. The ants also cause skin irritations which can lead to infections of the skin, especially for babies. If you have difficulty eliminating ants in your home, set an appointment with the pest control services.

5) Termites– these pests are known to cause huge damage to a property. They eat on woods and if left untreated, you may not realize it but your home is slowly decaying because of termites. So call now and avail of the pest control services for your home.

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