New E Juice Flavours to Try in 2018

There are various individuals who are very much into vaping. In fact, this trend will certainly last a long time. This 2018, expect to see a rise not only in vapers but also exciting juices to try. If you are one of these avid enthusiasts who’s looking for something out of the ordinary, here are some new e juice flavours you may want to try:

Coffee Max

If you are a fan of coffee but trying to lessen your caffeine intake, this flavour might just be your best bet. Containing slightly bitter yet deliciously sweet notes, this will certainly perk you up to start the long day ahead.  Surround yourself in the delicious coffee aroma as you vape using this type of juice.

Purple Wedding Cake

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride? Don’t worry. The purple wedding cake flavour is right up your alley. Fusing flavours such as wedding cake, creamy vanilla icing and freshly picked raspberries, you’ll surely feel full with every breath you take. You won’t even have to think about getting a slice at the next wedding you’re going to attend with this in your arsenal.


Want to experience the joys of childhood all over again? With the campfire selection, you’ll be reminded of sleepovers and camping once again. With a savoury blend of toasted marshmallows, melted chocolate and graham crackers, you’re sure to be transported in the past. This is perfect if you want the taste of home without all the mess.

Asian Persuasion

Fruits that come from Asia are considered to be some of the sweetest and most exotic ones you’ll ever have. With this choice, you can perfectly taste fresh fruits all at once. With notes of strawberry, pomegranate and dragon fruit taking centre stage, you will surely feel as if you have taken a refreshing dessert. This is perfect if you want something light to clean your palate.

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