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Root Canal


After diagnosing the problem of root canal, North Shore Dentist will recommend a treatment to save your teeth. The treatment takes place in more than one session depending on the condition of the damaged tooth.

In your first session, dentists often take an X-ray to check for any infections before they begin. Next, he will numb the tooth by giving an anaesthesia. You will feel at ease as you will not be able to feel anything during the procedure.

After which, he will place a sheet of rubber around your tooth. The rubber ensures that tooth remains dry and free of saliva throughout the treatment.

The dentist will drill an access hole into your teeth to begin the process of cleaning. With the help of root canal files, he will remove the bacteria along with the dead pulp. He will also remove the damaged nerve and clear any debris from inside the crown of the tooth. The dentist will use water to flush out the debris at frequent intervals.

After the cleaning, the tooth needs to be sealed. Many dentists choose to wait for sometime before sealing the tooth. It may be due to the medication applied to treat the infection. The dentist will close the root canal with the temporary filling until the next session. The temporary filling enables the tooth to remain free of saliva or food particles.

In the second session, the dentist will first check if the infection is gone. Then he will fill the interior with a sealing past and gutta percha which is rubber compound. He places this at the tooth's root canal. After which, he seals the access hole with a filling. If the crown is not damaged, then he will restore the crown.

A dental lab is what every dentist should have,