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Be Aware of your Rights

Family lawyers are the best person to give your correct and sound advice regarding matters of domestic violence. Such lawsuits can easily turn complicated and ugly and you must have seasoned lawyers by your side to steer your case in the right direction.

Collect Evidence

Your lawyer will need all the evidence you can provide him with in order to strengthen your case. If you have been physically injured, take photographs of the injured area as evidence. Better still visit a hospital so that you have neutral medical records that will have more value in court. If there are witnesses, write down their names and contact numbers after taking their permission.

Neighbours can be your best witness if you have been suffering domestic violence for long. Their presence may make a vital difference to the outcome of your lawsuit. They can also defend you in case your abuser has filed defamation charges against you just to harass your emotionally and financially.

File your Lawsuit within a Specific Time

Domestic violence should never be tolerated indefinitely. Make a clean break from your abusive partner, move out and file for restraining order that must be valid during the entire procedure of the lawsuit. Otherwise your abuser may stalk you or inflict more harm for having gone to court against him. Talk to family lawyer Sydney and always file your case within a few months of walking out. In case you delay, your case may fall through or you may not get the compensation you deserve.