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Be dignified in your approach

Keep a low profile, and be dignified in your mannerisms and approach every issue or aspect in the divorce proceedings in a practical manner. Don’t get carried away when dealing with your spouse’s lawyer and don’t either be critical or mistreat your spouse. Just mentally go over the financial costs involved and the resulting emotional drain.

Taking stock of your emotions

Relations between you and your partner might get more muddled if you take an aggressive, egoistic, and reactive stance towards everything rather than being responsive and thinking in a rational manner.

Although it is always easier said than done, and the complexity of the developing situation might cloud your judgement but you should try to think about the entire episode from an overall perspective. Take time out for yourself, isolate yourself totally, and look back in retrospection. Think deeply of all the unforgettable moments you’ve spent together, and be optimistic that you can do a lot to save your marriage.

Choosing between mediation and litigation

You should always go the whole hog as far as reconciliation or mediation is concerned. Try to sort out things by discussing with your partner. Involve a very close friend or a relative (who is trusted by both) as a third party witness and try to patch up issues. Litigation which is always costlier should only be used as a last resort.

Engaging a divorce lawyer

When things indeed take a turn for the worse, you might be compelled to contact some legal experts just like Divorce Lawyer but it is always advisable to update yourself on the current divorce laws of your state. Periodic consultations with a lawyer can add up to your expenses and make you psychologically dependent on him or her. Awareness about separation laws will reduce your consultation time with a divorce attorney, and consequently your fees as well.