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Inexperience: major cause of teen car accidents

The main problem with the teenager drivers is that they are highly inexperienced. They are novice drivers and aren’t accustomed to drive on a busy road. The young blood doesn’t allow them to pay complete attention on the road. Distractions may occur in the form of loud music, beautiful landscapes or even day dreaming.

Communication with other drivers

The road presents a lot of dangers which may come up in any form. Normally the drivers get seconds to cope up with these hazards. While on the road, the language of communication becomes the sign language with the fellow drivers. It is therefore necessary for the newbies to get the knowledge of all the types of hand gestures available.


Respecting the speed limits

The speed limits are meant to restrain people from driving too fast. However the teenagers don’t seem to understand that aspect of it. They see the speed limit signs as a challenge to beat. Driving at higher speeds often lead to road accidents as we are not able to control the vehicle in case of sudden changes on the road like pedestrian crossing or trailer trucks.

Eliminating the distractions

Distractions are amongst the most obvious reasons for car crashes. Distractions not only occur in the form of cellular phones but also occur due to loud music in the car or continuous chit chat with fellow passengers. These things tend to divert the attention of the driver. The teenagers should be taught that while behind the wheels, the thing that they should concentrate is driving and nothing else.

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