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Dog Attacks that qualify for compensation

When an unrestrained and unprovoked dog bites a stranger, either on the dog owner’s property or elsewhere in a public place, the dog’s owner will be held liable for the incurred damages. See Compensation Lawyers Parramatta

Dog Attack Personal Injury Claim

Dog attack personal injury claims are very common in Australia. Dog attacks can result in severe and serious psychological and physical harm in both adults and kids. But kids are of course at greater risk because of their vulnerability and small size.

Dog attacks can result in death in extreme cases, or mauling, knocking the victim over and vicious bites. Many victims are left with broken bones, head injuries, sprains, bruises and cuts or scars on the exposed part of the skin that may require corrective plastic surgery and other complex reconstructive procedures.

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Ferocious canine breeds

Dog attacks are mainly caused by dangerous and ferocious canine breeds such as Rottweiler, pit bulls, Doberman Pinschers, German shepherds, huskies, malamutes, Chow Chow, Shar Pei, Border Collie, Great Dane, Belgian Malinois/Shepherd, old English sheep dog, mastiff, Dalmatian, Australian cattle dog, briard, greyhound, bull mastiff and Akita.

All these dogs are associated with attacking more child victims than adults and have maimed and in some instances killed their victims as well. The dog breeds mentioned above are recognised worldwide as dangerous canine breeds that can bite or maim strangers, strange children and even known members in their own family.

However, even friendly and affectionate dog breeds such as the playful Labrador retrievers have made their way into the list of dogs that bite the most.