Information Food Labels Must Contain

Food Labels Must Contain

Whilst some people see food labels as printed items posted on the back of the product, these things say a lot about your company’s reputation. With that said, it is important that you put the right wrapper on the products or else the customers won’t purchase from your company. Here is the information that must be written on your label:

  • Common Name

You should always include the common name (the one understood by ordinary people) of the product before you print the wrapper. For example, if you sell juice, you should put ‘Bioflavones’ or ‘Bioflavonoid Extract’ to show your customers that the food items you are producing are packed with necessary nutrients. Go to the food and drug regulatory agency in your country and you can see the list of common names you can use.

  • The Ingredients

Even if the customers can’t understand and don’t know the ingredients, it is important that you put them on the food labels. Aside from being required by the FDA, it also shows that you are transparent and are confident to show the materials you use in the production. After all, consumers today are smarter than before. Some even Google the ingredients if they are healthy before buying.

  • How-to Instructions

Failing to provide this information can be irritating to customers. Chances are, they won’t purchase your products as they can’t understand how to eat or use them. This is especially important if you want your customers to know that your product shouldn’t be mixed with other ingredients.

  • The Name and Address

Aside from your company name, you should also add your business address and contact information to the packaging. This way, people can call you if they have questions and concerns. Putting these details welcome customer feedback, which can help your business.

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