Ideas for Perfect Wedding Dresses

Any bride shopping for wedding dresses will know how difficult it is to look for the perfect one. You can try on a million dresses and still not find one that’s flattering for your shape. Further, there are so many cuts, styles and designs for gowns. This can be quite intimidating for some brides. This guide will break down the most popular designs and which body type they go best with.

The Ball Gown

This gown design is hard to miss on any occasion. This style usually has off-shoulder sleeves, exposing the collarbone to balance out the silhouette. Most variations have short sleeves, although there are long sleeved varieties. The bodice is fitted to show the bride’s waist. What makes a ball gown is most definitely the long, full and puffy skirt.

Brides who have an athletic or apple-type frame will benefit most from this cut. These wedding dresses add volume to the hip area, which adds curves to these body types. Petite frames should stay away from ball gowns. The voluminous skirt will overwhelm a small frame and make the legs seem even shorter.

The A-Line

It’s easy to see why the A-line is one of the most popular gown cuts. While it has a traditional silhouette with its classic, form-fitting bodice, small details can be added to update the look, making it more modern. The skirt, which is tightly fitted at the hip area then widens toward the hem, creates a universally flattering look. This design works for all body types.

The Trumpet

The trumpet is a modified A-line gown. Instead of the skirt widening toward the hem, it cinches at the knees, then flares to create a bell or ‘trumpet’ shape. Like the A-line, the bodice is fitted from the bust to the hips. However, unlike its inspiration, this cut is not flattering for all body types. In fact, it only suits curvy or hourglass frames.

Wedding dresses shouldn’t have to be complicated – it’s not rocket science! Having a bit of knowledge before shopping for a dress will help you pick a suitable design for your body type. For more tips and tricks, see the website of  Emerald Bridal wedding dresses today.