What Hot Water System Issues Require Repair?

The hot water system has become an essential household device which provides warm water for tasks such as bathing or cooking. Just like any appliance, this product is not safe from breaking down from time to time.

The most common issues that are encountered by people who use liquid heaters include lack of warm liquid or leaks. If you are a homeowner, there is a huge chance that you have experienced these problems at least once.

The good news is that these hot water system malfunctions can be addressed with the proper remedies. The paragraphs below will let you understand these common problems and how to maintain your appliance well.

  • Leaks

This issue is often the reason why homeowners call in a plumber for help. You will normally spot a leak when a puddle forms below the heating device, or if there is a liquid trail which is coming from the tank. A leak usually takes place because the internal tank acquired a crack, and this will force the homeowner to replace the appliance.

The steel of the tank would react to the minerals which are present in the liquid and corrode the heater over time. When this eventually happens, the product must be replaced by a certified plumbing contractor, but if the leak is originating above the tank, the device may just need some repair work done.

  • Not Warm

Another frequent heater problem is that the liquid is not warm. It normally happens inside gas heaters because of the pilot light not starting. The homeowner can try to start the pilot light, but it is better to allow a certified contractor to work on it. Another reason for this malfunction may stem from a tripped breaker inside the electric tank.

If there is not enough or no water at all and the homeowner made sure to check the hot water system for leaks, he can try flushing the tank to get rid of any mineral deposits which may be bringing down its efficiency