When to Hire a Mobile Hair and Makeup Artist

Hiring a mobile hair and makeup artist could be the most convenient thing you can do. If you have a special event to go to, they’re an easy alternative to going to a salon. They come directly to your house in order to style your locks and give you a makeover. Say goodbye to long queues at the salon and booking your appointment months in advance!

If you’re going to the prom…

Prom night is one of the most important days in every high schooler’s life. It’s a much-awaited event. Girls will pick their prom dresses months in advance, making sure that they have the right colour, style and fit. Girls will also often book appointments months in advance to ensure that they get serviced on the big day.

With so many people booking salon appointments – and a limited number of salons to choose from – a mobile makeup artist is your best bet to looking glam for the big day. You can now prep in the comfort of your own home. Now it’s possible to focus on getting ready whilst professional works on your look.

If you’re having a wedding…

How stressful are weddings? Ask any bride and they’ll tell you that the planning, meetings and fittings can be a lot. This is also the case with booking salon appointments. You’ll have to physically go to the location several times. Most women first go in to test out suggested looks for the ceremony, then several times to perfect the style.

On the big day, with so many things happening, going to a physical store can be a lot. Having the professional come to your location will take a huge burden off your list. It helps relieve a lot of the pressure during planning as well, as someone will also come to you for trails.

Hiring a mobile hair and makeup artist is the best option for any event. They take the stress out of getting ready whilst leaving beautiful and primped. For more information on these professionals, reach out to the experts at Chelsea Brown Hair and Makeup today.