Hair Salons 101: Choosing the Right Hair Colour

Most of us apply the hair colour ourselves because we want to save a little bit of money. But to tell you the truth, you can achieve a beautiful transformation only with the help of experts. Make sure to go to the best hair salons to get the best results. Here are ways to choose the right shade:

  • Consider your skin tone

You might hear some people say that any skin tone can rock blonde or green strand colour. However, this doesn’t always end up good because some skin tone requires subtle colours. For people with a dark skin tone, you can try highlights, brown, grey or maroon. These shades can enhance your skin, making you look radiant.

For individuals with white skin tone, you can go full blonde, red, ash brown or copper. These colours will make your features pop up, so they’re a great choice.

  • Buy quality products

To get the result you want, invest in quality products. Drugstore items can do the work but if you can look in malls, then do it. There are a lot of options to choose from. But if you’re in doubt, always get the colour that’s one shade brighter than your strands.

  • Get a haircut

After colouring the strands, it’s nice to cut a few inches to let go of the damages. Doing this can make the crowning glory look fresh and healthy. Trim the ends for about one to two inches to reveal healthier looking strands.

  • Consult the experts

The best way to achieve that even colour is to go to hair salons and let the experts work on your head. The hairdresser can give you advice which shade is perfect for you. If you want a different technique like Ombre or Balayage, the experts at hair salons can easily do it, given the right products and tools.

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