5 Activities that Require Green Waste Removal

When it comes to general maintenance, our front and back yards do not necessarily receive that much attention more than the other parts of the house. If not taken care of properly, accumulated weeds, shrubs, and dead twigs and branches may start to pile up in our trash bins and cause more harm to our home and garden than we’d ever know. Imagine all the bad bacteria swimming in it. Green waste removal is a procedure where green (organic and biodegradable) junk found in our lawns and yards are taken out.

Green Waste Removal

This includes simple things, like the collection of thrown-away food, or garbage from trimming and pruning trees. Whether you’re a gardener, a homeowner, or just someone who loves trees, it’s best to be knowledgeable in dealing with your green space. However, it is strongly suggested that only qualified arborists and tree workers should be doing the removal of biodegradable trash after finishing these 5 activities:

Green Waste Removal

Tree lopping and pruning

Every shrub or tree needs lopping or pruning not just for aesthetic purposes but for it to grow in the healthiest way possible. This involves cutting out the decaying foliage or stem with loppers, which are manual garden scissors used to cut small branches.

Lopping is done to help a plant or tree grow in a non-destructive way and should be done every year (or whenever it is required to be groomed) and with caution. It is highly recommended that plants be trimmed and pruned by professionals only.


Mulch plays a role in feeding living organisms present in the soil. Worms, bacteria, and fungi feed on mulch in the decaying process. This is important because, without the organic material found in mulch, the soil would not be as healthy.

Mulching is done by mixing decayed leaves, twigs or branch, along with water and soil and spread on the topmost layer of the ground.

Stump grinding

Whenever a tree is cut down, the bottom part of its trunk is left behind. This is called the stump. Leaving them as is can cause injuries such as tripping.

What’s more, since stumps are no longer functioning like it would, it is prone to insect infestation that could harm your lawn.

Rubbish removal

Household waste is supposed to be taken out as often as possible by hiring a waste removal service. Sometimes, it’s not enough that we depend on our local waste collection management to take out household waste such as general and recyclable waste.

Light earthmoving

Earthmoving is the digging and moving of soil if it is needed. There are all sorts of equipment to be able to push the soil, like excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. Major renovations in the garden normally require specialist services.

If you’ve just decided to hire green waste removal professionals to fix or groom your lawn, Diverse Asset Management Services is a wonderful way to start.