Facts about Car Wraps

Car wraps are used to change the design of a vehicle without doing extensive paintwork. It allows the user to create intricate, detailed designs. Printed on vinyl, they seamlessly attach to the vehicle for a smooth finish.

Where is it used?

Vehicle wrapping is a popular way to advertise to a wide audience. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to market goods and services. There were 99,756 new vehicles in Australia back in 2017. That’s almost 100,000 people businesses can reach whilst on the road. This form of marketing has the most reach at the lowest cost-per-thousand-impressions than billboards, ads and other forms of outdoor advertising.

How effective car wraps as an advertising tool?

Traditional forms of media like television and radio used to be the go-to platforms when it comes to advertising. However, in the digital age, viewership in these outlets are declining rapidly. In fact, people, on average, spend less time watching TV than previous years by as much as 2 hours. This vastly limits their reach, especially to younger audiences aged 18-24.

Vehicle wrapping as an advertising tool works because people still spend a lot of time on the road. People are exposed to the ad whether or not they tune in. And unlike radio or television, they can’t simply change channels when they’re uninterested in the message – they’ll have to change lanes! In fact, using fleet vehicles to advertise raises brand awareness by up to fifteen times as compared to other forms of media advertising.

Speaking of brand awareness, businesses with company vehicles like vans and trucks will greatly benefit from this process. Since the vehicles are already in use in everyday operations, they can double as a walking billboard for the company. Not only does it market to your audience – it shows consistency in branding elements.

What’s great about vehicle wrapping is that it’s highly versatile. Business owners can get something for a long-term, as they’re highly durable and can last for a long time. They can also be used for short-term promotions for events, launches and announcements.

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