Coverage of an End of Lease Cleaning

An end of lease cleaning is a cleaning service commonly offered by domestic cleaner companies that tenants or landlords of apartments, pads or even houses up for rent can avail of when the tenant has already moved out. This is usually done when the residents are moving out and either they or the owners of the place they are staying at wishes to give the room a good, all-around clean which can be a very welcoming gesture to the next occupants of the said space.

can perform and end of lease cleaning quickly and efficiently and will have three targeted areas in which the cleaning is performed.


One of the areas of a room that an end of lease cleaning can cover is the kitchen. Whether if the kitchen is small enough to suffice in for apartment dwellers or as large as the ones found in houses, domestic cleaners can take care of it. The floors and tiled splash backs are washed and disinfected to perfection and the same will go with the kitchen sink. The kitchen cupboards, drawers and cabinets are also included in the cleaning and so are the lights to return the kitchen to its immaculate cleanliness that is perfect for preparing meals.


Another inclusion in the end of lease cleaning is the bathroom. The bathroom is one of those areas in a rented space which can be tricky to clean as not all occupants will take on this quest despite the fact that the look and smell of the bathroom will demand it so, especially after weeks of use and cleaning neglect. In a similar fashion as that of the kitchen, the bathroom’s walls and floors will be washed and disinfected and the bathroom sink would experience it just the same. However, more attention will be paid to the toilet, tubs or shower stalls as these are the primary areas that receive the remnants of waste and waste water.

Living room and bedroom

The living room and bedroom are areas of the room included in the end of lease cleaning that domestic cleaners also look into. Sweeping and vacuuming the floor is one of the things that are normally done. Should there be markings or adhesive stuck on the wall, these are carefully removed in order to preserve the paint or wallpaper and of course, the dusting of the furniture. The washing of the linen, should it be included in the rent, may not be possibly be covered by the domestic cleaners so it would be wise to ask rather than expecting them to also take care of the washing.