Best Design Ideas for Custom Coffins and Urns

Funerals aren’t exactly the most exciting things to plan for, but it’s always best to be prepared and have your own custom coffins and urns when that day comes. The best part is that you can now design your very own coffin or urn to personalise your final resting place with the help of trusted funeral services in Sydney.

Here are some of the most sought-after custom coffins and urns that will fit different personalities:


Custom Coffins

  • Treasured Memories – Have polaroid-style pictures of the most memorable moments and people in your life designed all over your coffin. It will remind your friends, colleagues and loved ones of the good times they had with you. These are the precious moments that you treasure because you were having the best time of your life.

  • Dream Place – Have an image of your dream place, the one place you wish you had the chance to visit or revisit. This will showcase the beauty of the place and remind people of you whenever they see it in a movie, magazine or postcard. They may even remember you if they go to that dream destination. The image will remind people to travel and see the world while they still can.


  • Favourite Tale – What was your favourite cartoon show or movie when you were a kid? Has it designed to your urn to show people that no one is ever really too old for cartoons?

  • Different Shape – Why not break away from the traditional style of urns? Have your favourite shape made just for you or have it designed to represent something meaningful to you. How about a statue-like urn of a mother holding a child or a person looking at the sky? You decide what you want to leave people with a symbol that you love.

Funerals are sad but that doesn’t mean you can never be creative at this time. Make every moment of your life memorable, especially during the time when you have to say goodbye.