How Curtains and Blinds Add Value and Aesthetic to Your Home

Often, we tend to overlook and underestimate the value of quality curtains and blinds to our homes. Adding either of these window treatments provide not just sophisticated style but also a protection against the sunlight. Investing in excellent quality blinds can be considered a good investment in the long run as it can be used for a long time.

Choosing which window treatment is best for your home is as personal as choosing your architectural home styles. In this article, we’ll give you a quick comparison of two of the most used window treatments — curtains and blinds.

  1. Design

Your choice of window treatments should depend on your home’s interior style. Light and sheer curtains are great for releasing light from outside, giving warmth and illumination. On the other hand, blinds tend to make rooms look bigger as they appear to be less intrusive. Both come in a variety of style and colour.

  1. Cost-effectiveness and installation

The cost of both treatments varies depending on the materials used. Of course, soft and sheer fabrics are way cheaper than plastic or wood blinds. Whilst thicker or special fabrics, such as suede, costs more than a wooden blind.

Fortunately, most window treatments can be hanged easily even without the need of a professional. However, wood and aluminium blinds for several windows may require an extra labour from a professional.

  1. Light and privacy control

Whilst the curtain provides protection from direct sunlight due to its thickness, blinds are still considered to be more versatile. With their horizontal and vertical slats, they provide full control on your desired light while enjoying the privacy you need.

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