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Trade Show

The popularity of trade shows can perhaps be attributed to such shows bringing business-to-business (B2B) segment all under one roof. Even in today’s digital world, the sheer influence of personal interaction of trade shows has not been undermined, no matter what the costs incurred are.


Best Practices in Trade Show

With only the top notches of companies participating or visiting the trade shows, it comes as no surprise that considering its high Return on Investment (ROI), companies are banking on trade shows as an important section of their B2B marketing.

Advantage PR

Media coverage basically depends on building goodwill amongst media persons. Trade show exhibition stands are an excellent opportunity to form a professionally beneficial association with the media. Informing the media persons about the profile of the business and a press kit which has accurate information with details of the contact persons goes a long way in PR. See Offset Printing

Corporate Gifts

Free gifts don’t attract serious-minded target audience. Whether in seminars and conferences or exhibition stalls, gifts that are relevant to the nature of the business make it home. Thinking more in terms of value-added services would be a step in the direction of target audience’s psyche.


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During Trade Show

Keep in touch with the organizers and management of the event. The stall’s maintenance, staff’s timings and duties and last minute requirements will not be a bother and the event would be a smooth one.


Display Opportunity

Grabbing maximum eyeballs is a value addition of trade show displays. A clutter-free signage about main message, company philosophy and product highlights with consistency in overall look will be noticed by the visitors. Stating the benefits upfront will engage the prospects instead of irrelevant hype.