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Construction waste

Construction and demolition waste includes concrete, sandstone, soil, asphalt, asbestos, bricks and timber apart from other unwanted material. Such waste can be harmful and come in huge quantities due to which it cannot be dumped in public garbage cans or any public garbage disposal system.

Contractors and builders have to take the responsibility of disposing construction waste in a safe and secure manner. Violating waste management laws will make you pay hefty fines and clean-up costs.

Managing Construction Waste and Your Responsibilities

As more and more buildings and constructions are coming up every day, the amount of construction and demolition waste is rising as well. Construction waste contains many unwanted and harmful substances that need immediate and safe disposal. Builders, property developers and contractors should take note that there are several rules and regulations that should be followed while transporting and disposing construction waste.

Instead of managing and disposing all the waste themselves, many construction companies are opting for skip bin hire facilities. They take care of all the legal procedures that are required to dispose their waste lawfully and safely.

Roles and responsibilities


Safe and responsible disposal of waste is very important. Sticking to roles and responsibilities is essential for everyone involved in the waste management process right from contractors and transporters to site supervisors.

Document the details of waste you want to dispose such as its type, quantity, composition and quality. Also list the details of items that are hazardous or can cause harm to the environment.


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