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Essential features of Security screens

The set gap between the security screen and your wall should be as less as possible to minimize the risk of burglars prying out the door.

Ensure that your security screen has triple hinges to protect the set gap and provide essential support to the screen.

Installing a metal sub frame will ensure that there is zero contraction or expansion due to weather changes.

Security screens should lock into the door frame in three places with triple locks.

High grade power coating will keep rust and corrosion away. UV fade resistant black powder coating increases the durability of your screen.

Retractable screens can be pulled open to give your house some fresh air and the feel of big open windows while closed screens are ideal for keeping out pesky insects and mosquitoes firmly out. Most security screens are closed in nature but they come in a variety of paneled exteriors and colors so you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your house.


Termite Management

Termites affect home owners across the world daily. They are one of the most dreaded insect infestations because it takes a long time to get rid of them completely. Furthermore, even if you notice a few termites in your house it is usually an indication of a severe termite problem perhaps you need to hire Pest Inspections company to identify how severe the situation is and how to control it. If left untreated, it can eat through most of your belongings and furniture. Termites in general are considered a major nuisance.

It is essential to control a termite outbreak, before it begins! With a little bit of extra maintenance and precautionary measures you can control or resist termites.


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