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Advertise in Different Mediums

Most property sellers usually place advertisements in local papers when they put a property on the market. However, when you see that your property is not getting the adequate response it might be necessary to change the way you are advertising or probably the medium of advertisement. Otherwise, ask the help of a real estate agents as they have connections to sell your house immediately.

Property is Taking Too Long to Sell

The real estate market is extremely volatile and unpredictable. You can never be sure if the property you are trying to sell will fetch the price you aim to sell it at. Furthermore, you can never predict when your property will finally be sold. It takes a good amount of marketing, planning and research to put a property on the market and find a potential buyer for it too. Real estate agent is good in marketing strategy because if nothing works, they will reformat their selling plan.


If you advertise in a local daily newspaper, try to print your advertisements in a magazine that is circulated among your target audience. Or, refresh your advertising and change its design and content to make it more attractive to readers. The key word to remember here is creativity.



Selling a Home with a Problematic Neighbour

You may choose to talk the problem over with your troublemaking neighbour. Instead of losing your temper, visit your neighbour’s house and explain the situation calmly.

Try to make him/her understand how blocking your driveway with his boat or letting his pet loose in the lawns or constant construction work is driving away potential buyers. If you are patient, insistent and talk rationally, chances are he/she will mend his/her troublemaking ways. You may sweeten the deal by gifting your problematic neighbour a box of chocolates.

This will, in most cases, shame him into mending his behaviour. Otherwise, you may have to initiate legal action for more serious matters such as encroaching into your space and your real estate boundary.


One good way selling your property faster is by posting an eye-catching real estate sign.

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