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Real Estate Agents

Unlike a layperson, real estate agent services are familiar with the ABCs and XYZs of the real estate business and bring their vast experience, understanding and knowledge of the Adelaide mortgage brokers world to the table when you hire them is important.

Myths about Real Estate Agents

One common myth spread by discount brokers against real estate agent services is that Real estate agents charge more commission to sell your property. While it is true that experienced top-class agents do charge a high real estate agents commission, they also provide greater exposure for your property and ensure that you get the best deal. See why real estate agent clients are satisfied with their work.

You may save a few dollars in commission by hiring discount brokers but in the long term, you lose out handsome profits in the transaction. Brokers do not have the infrastructure or reach to get the best value for your property that a seasoned real estate agents has.


Agents will make tall promises to sell a property

Although there are many real estate agent services who will make false promises and fabricate stories about properties to influence you into buying them, not all agents will do so. Professional real estate agents with solid reputation always maintain a high ethical standard to uphold your trust. It is illegal to make false claims and no respectable agency will jeopardize their hard-earned reputation just to sell a property.





Agents must show you around

Real estate agent services are not bound legally to show you properties until and unless you have entered into a contract with them. You cannot just walk into an agent’s office and ask them to show you properties without paying anything for their efforts. You must not expect them to waste their time on a prospective client who may not buy any property after all.


You may have understood by now that selling a property is a time consuming, energy draining and overwhelming experience that home sellers are not always able to handle properly.