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Rainwater Tanks

If you are planning to store up to 250,000 litres of water, then it’s best to purchase a steel tank. The shape would not distort in the long run. Underground tanks can store between 1800 L to 25,000 L.


Choosing a Rainwater Tank System

It is advisable to talk to more than one person to get an opinion on the best tank to purchase. Discuss with a few suppliers to get an idea of the perfect rainwater tank for your house. In case the requirement for the water is indoors, you must get in touch with a licensed plumber to help with installation.

A small basic tank could cost you a few hundred dollars while a custom made tank could be as expensive as a few thousand dollars. Shipping and delivery charges are another add on. Apart from all this in case the water tank is to be installed underground and the ground needs to be excavated, it would add to the cost as well. Therefore it is best to do your research and get a few quotations before making the purchase.


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Installing the tank

Before having rain water tank installation, ask the supplier for a manual which contains instructions on how to operate the tank. You must ask for special instructions or precautions if any. Also ask the supplier for a demo if possible.

In case, you are having a flush diverter installed, ask for instructions on cleaning it. Also check the screens in the tank are properly installed to make sure no insects or animals can enter the tank.

Maintaining the system

It is important to keep the system clean. Also the gutters and roof must be kept free of dirt and pollution to ensure hygiene.