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Building Inspectors Check for both Obvious and Obscure Leakages

Building inspectors know that leakages in pipes are often located in inaccessible areas; hidden away from human eye. As an indication of such leakages, the inspector will visually inspect the entire building thoroughly for signs of mould, mildew and fungus. Such signs indicate the presence of broken or cracked pipes somewhere along the plumbing system. The inspector will also go through the wood panels inside the building or check areas adjacent to exposed pipes for sings of rotting wood or circular stains that also indicate water leak.

How Building Inspections help you with Plumbing Evaluation

The biggest difficulty in evaluating the plumbing system of an existing building is that not all of it is obvious. Pipes and faucets that are exposed and easily accessible can be checked even by amateurs. Any leaks or cracks on such pipes are clearly visibly. However, underground or concealed pipes are difficult to check and only experienced Pre-purchase inspections in Brisbane understand the inner meaning of a wet wall or a ceiling mottled with water stains.


Building Inspectors Check for Cross Connection Issues

One of the most serious issues associated with faulty plumbing is that of cross-connection. This is a condition wherein clean water meant for household consumption comes in contact with sewer water and hence becomes unfit for human use. This happens if there is a crack in the city main lines near your underground pipes and somehow the dirty water gets mixed with clean water. The crack may be present either in the pipes inside your home or the city pipes carrying clean water or in the sewer pipes inside your premises and the city sewer lines. The building inspector will thoroughly inspect all such points of intersection where the sewer lines and pipes meant for carrying clean water come in close contact with each other. He will point out all such areas where immediate repair is needed or where there is imminent danger of such contamination in the near future.

Conducting building inspection also avoids pest infestation.

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