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Some of the Causes Behind Blocked Drains

No home is immune to blocked drainage system and the sad thing about it is that it comes just like the thief in the dark, you do not know when you are going to have it. But if you will hire clear blocked drains Sydney and study the signs and understand the causes of blocked drains, then you can prevent getting beaten by it by knowing the telltale signs of blocked drains and the causes:

Dried leaves and barks of trees

Trees are essential. Home owners who have big trees and other plants in their backyard must also learn that the dried leaves and barks and roots also lead to blocked drainage system. The roots of the plants do not only seek sunlight but water as well for survival. Thus, the roots of the trees can go as far as your drainage system eventually leading to blocked drains. The dried leaves, most especially during fall accumulate and can block the drainage system.

Foreign objects

Some objects, especially the small ones can be accidentally dropped onto the drains leading to blockage. If you have kids at home, they can be quite experimental and throw some objects onto the drains or flush these objects eventually leading to blocked drains.



Human hair

The accumulation of human hair is one of the leading causes of blockage. Since it is normal to shed some hairs while taking a shower, but as home owners, you must make it a habit to remove human hairs so these won’t get down the drains and causes blocked drains. You can get some gadgets in the hardware section that will trap human hairs, or better yet, call your emergency plumber to install it for you.


Too much flushing of toilet papers can cause blockage. Now add to that some people who think nappies and baby wipes can be flushed. Unlike toilet papers which are made with light materials for fast disintegration, but still, too much can cause blocked drains. But baby wipes are made with thicker fabrics making these cause drainage blockage.

Kitchen grease

The use of cooking oils is not preventable. But you can do something to prevent the accumulation of grease that leads to blocked drains. You can use baking soda and vinegar mixed with boiling water. But if the problem of blocked drainage system persists, then call your emergency plumber to address the issue of give you relief instantly.