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What will happen to the dog?

Most victims are worried about what will happen to the dog once there is enough evidence to have a case. The statutes are different from place to place but, in general, nothing untoward happens to the animal. It will be necessary, however, to put the dog in a 5-day quarantine to make sure that it carries no disease.

You may call the animal authorities if bitten by a stray dog. Personal injury lawyers will contact the authorities only if the client wishes to do so.




FAQs that will help Your Rights when Attacked by a Dog

When bitten by a dog, whether stray or known, make sure to get immediate and proper medical attention first. Personal injury lawyers will help you claim compensation, which will cover for medical expenses, emotional turmoil and wages if you have missed work because of the incident.

Once convinced that there is a case of negligence, hire Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney as they will bring criminal, civil or administrative charges on the owner.

Was the owner negligent?


Where the dog is trained to attack, the owner is expected to be extra careful about exposing it to strangers, or in some cases, even known people. The owner will be liable if this precaution has been neglected.

Also consider whether the dog was on a leash at the time of the incident. If the dog bit you (the victim) at a public place and was not on a leash, the owner will be liable. There are stringent laws on leashes that need to be adhered to.

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