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Advantages of Using Pass Through Dishwashers

If you are in the food industry, you know how difficult and time-consuming it is to wash the dishes by hands. In addition, you cannot really be confident if the kitchen utensils are free from germs and even spotting and stains from the detergent residues. The best option is to buy pass through dishwashers and experience for yourself the advantages that these dishwashers can do for your business.


The pass through dishwashers can clean kitchen utensils in a matter of three minutes, so you can just imagine the number of kitchen utensils that can be washed in an hour. The use of very hot water ensures that all types of bacteria are killed during the washing process. Likewise, you do not have to spend your precious time wiping the kitchen utensils one by one as these will get dry in just a matter of seconds after cleaning these kitchen utensils at the pass through dishwashers.


Now if you have a larger need for a dishwasher, then the best option is the pass through dishwashers with automated features. Why? Because there are two layers of racks where you can place the big pots on the lower level and the lighter kitchen utensils are to be placed on top. Additionally, there is also a counter where the clean kitchens utensils can be easily pulled out from the pass through dishwashers.




You do not have to wait for it to finish operation as the kitchen utensils that are already clean can be pulled out already. This is very effective in restaurants where the continuous usage of kitchen utensils is crucial. The automated pass through dishwashers can continue washing the dishes as the clean ones are pulled out, thus, there is a steady supply of kitchen utensils if you will use the pass through dishwashers.


Depending on the brand that you will purchase, these types of dishwashers are loaded with different program settings. The most common feature of is the speed of washing dishes. Most, if not all brands can finish washing dishes in a matter of seventy seconds. The dishwashing machines are equipped with a gravity drain or the machines can also be attached to a drain pump for heavy uses.


The pass though dishwashers are so easy to use. Just set it with just one click and you are good to go. There is also a break tank pan from which the use can remove the broken glasses without causing skin cuts and abrasions. For a steady supply of clean kitchen utensils, get pass through dishwashers.