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Get rid of laziness

It’s normal to revel in the rosy afterglow of your engagement and remain in a state of suspended activity for some time. But many couples carry on in this state for months and then suddenly wake up to the realities of wedding planning only 4-6 months before the actual event.

Too much to do in too little time and they start cramming all activities into a super hectic schedule. This is a recipe for disaster.




Tips for Planning Your Wedding

All newlyweds will tell you that wedding planning is extremely important if you want no glitches on your special day. There are thousands of minor details you have to pay attention to and without the correct planning you are sure to overlook a couple or important things like party hire equipments. Since your wedding will be extremely emotionally important to you, it’s very likely that you will be sad or stressed out about missing details.

If you understand that you have very less time to accommodate all aspects of wedding planning, outsource some of your load to a good friend or a professional wedding planner. The bottom line is not to be lazy and start planning at least 9 months in advance.

Invest in a datebook and utilize it

There is a lot of stuff you have to do like talking to the party equipment hire company, the florist, the decorator, your tailor etc so book specific blocks of dates for each activities. Set specific timed goals for yourself and schedule your planning accordingly.

Birthday Party Supplies

You can also rent the birthday party supplies that you’d need to celebrate your kid’s birthday in consonance with the Spiderman theme like masks, plastic spiders, Spiderman piñata, disposable cameras, candies and lozenges with Spiderman wrappers, comic books, Spiderman pinups and wall papers. The invitation and food items will also be thematic. Make it more entertaining by adding a photo booth hire in your party.