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Offset Printing

Printing is an essential medium for marketing products and for educating and making people aware of their surroundings. For example, if printing didn’t exist there would be no newspapers, children would not have text books and story books to read, and businesses wouldn’t be able to market their products effectively.


Offset Printing Versus Digital Printing

The discovery of printing technology has helped people in several ways. Today, there are two different printing methods that people can choose from. One is the traditional offset printing technology and the other is digital printing technology. Both offset and digital printing technologies have their share of advantages and disadvantages.


In contrast to digital printing the traditional offset printing has several advantages. The image quality and resolution are very good as compared to digital printing. Moreover, there are no spots or discoloured regions in the pages printed by Offset printers Sydney.

For advertising or creative purposes, when you want matter printed on materials other than paper like wood, cloth or leather, offset printers are the only option. Offset printers are the best option when you have huge quantity to print. More the number of prints you require, lesser will be the cost in case of offset printing. Also See Trade Show Displays


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