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Splash backs offer a wide variety of options in terms of colour. They are available in vibrant hues as well as basic colours so you can take your pick as per your choice. In case you want an elegant look in your kitchen you can opt for softer shades like blue. For a funky set up, you can pick from colours like pink or green. If you want to play safe you can choose either black or white.


A Guide to Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Giving your kitchen a new look does not always require a full renovation. A glass kitchen splashback can do the trick. It is a cheaper, easier, more convenient alternative to renovation. It gives your kitchen a more elegant and sophisticated look and at the same time makes it brighter allowing more light which makes it easier to work.

Glass kitchen splashbacks are generally easy to maintain as they do not allow dust and dirt to accumulate on the surface or underneath. This is the reason they are a hygienic choice and suitable for your kitchen. Ask your supplier about the kind of solution to be used to clean the glass.


You can choose from a wide range of splashback designs. It could be a mosaic design, or an abstract art piece or any pattern you fancy. You can also choose to have a photo background for the backsplash. They look classy and sophisticated depending on the colour scheme and decor of your house.

You can also go for a different look like metallic or shimmer.

On the other hand if you plan to invest in a fancy piece it is better to go to an interior designer.

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