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When a child is neglected it is said to be abuse. This may be thru intentional neglect or neglect through omission. If the neglect results in jeopardising the growth of the child it is considered abuse.

Of all the reported cases, 50% are seriously violent crimes including choking and shooting. Others are a varying degree and form of abuse. But whenever such incidents occur they should be reported. Consult your family lawyers and seek the best course of action. One case reported is one case less.

Failure to Provide

Failure to provide the basic necessities to the child is construed as abuse. If the child is left in a condition of poor hygiene, dirty, unsupervised, hungry or thirsty for long periods it is said to be abuse. If proper medical facilities are not provided for the child when he needs it, it is deemed as abuse.

Family Lawyers may argue back and forth what is included or not included under the term child abuse. But in the end it is the court who decides whether or not the child was abused. The circumstances of each case are different and innocence or guilt of the alleged should be determined in the proper context, keeping the child’s best interest in mind.


Domestic Violence

In about 38% of the cases of women abuse in high school, the women claimed they did not “want to” have sex with their partner. The risk of domestic violence is 3 to 4 times more for young women than for other women.

In the age bracket 18-24, 12% women experienced physical assault as compared to the age bracket 35-44 during the same period. 13.4% in the age bracket of 18 – 24 experienced unwanted fondling during the last year. Only about 38% of the abused women report having un-consented sex. 12% report violence by a spouse or partner.