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Drug Driving Case

You’ll be transgressing the law, if you’re the owner of the vehicle and not driving. A traffic lawyer is the ideal legal professional who can sort things out for you by successfully pleading to the prosecutor.



Choosing a Traffic Lawyer

You’re driving to your friend’s place or to your home when the traffic patrol officer appears from nowhere and tells you to pull over. The officer begins questioning you aggressively because he strongly suspects that you’ve been drug driving.

If traces of a drug like cocaine, cannabis or LSD are found in your blood or saliva sample that is higher than the permissible limit, you’ll be charged with drug driving charges and liable to be prosecuted.


Prescription Drugs

Even if you have been driving safely, the patrolling officer is well within his rights if he tells you to pull over. If it is established through saliva, blood or urine sampling test, that you’ve taking a drug that has been prescribed by your physician, you’d be contravening the law. The law clearly states you should not be found to be under the influence of drugs while driving. It does not discriminate between a non-prescription or prescription drug.

The laws categorize drugs under specific classes (Class ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’) and the severity of your sentence will invariably depend upon the class of drug that you’ve been imbibing while driving. A saliva test, although cannot detect the presence of certain drugs (in most circumstances). Your traffic lawyer will brief you in detail about the legal repercussions if you’re charged with a DUI offense.