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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning can face several problems from poor maintenance and faulty installation. Air conditioning in office spaces are essential for comfortable working environment and cooling the rising internal heat emitted from electrical equipment. Air conditioners need regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure smooth airflow in the office.



Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Leaks in refrigerant system

Many a times, the refrigerant charge may not be installed properly thereby affecting the efficiency of the unit. Slowly, it can also lead to leakages and the charge in the refrigerant drains out. You will need a professional technician to seal the leaks, test and then charge it. Sometimes, the refrigerant is not charged as per the manufacturer's specifications. This affects the air con in the office, as the cooling will not be to the fullest.


Cleaning Auckland will make sure that by the end of their work, everything is settled.


Condition of air filters

Air filter is a part of the air condition that requires the services of professional technicians frequently. Air filters need frequent replacement and regular cleaning. If the air filter is dirty and clogged, it affects the airflow and you may find dust scattered in your office space. The professional technician will let you know if the clean filter is reusable or you need to buy a new filter. He will also show you how clean the filter is so that you can monitor the air filters on a monthly basis.


Installing window tint will surely add privacy to your home and will also help maintain a cold temperature in it.


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