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The Mechanics

Find out how the table will be worked. Ask how much play money each guest will be given. Who will sell the play money? What happens when someone wants to cash in? Determine how winnings and losses will be handled. Blackjack table rental agencies have most of these facts worked out. But it is important for you to ask and understand them to avoid any misunderstanding and hassle later.

Casino Hire Service

If you’re going for a blackjack table rental for your fun casino night event with the pious end of donating your receipts to a charity, then it goes without saying that you or your guests will not be into hardcore gambling.

In such a scenario, you should focus more on playing for fun because the technique of counting cards is more suitable for playing single hand in a casino. Nevertheless, you can follow some basic strategies like doubling down at11, surrendering when your dealer reveals an ace or a face card or standing at 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16.

What does the fee cover?

Before you hiring the table, ask what the cost covers. Does it cover the croupier’s fee? How many croupiers will be there? What about taking breaks? If there is only one croupier, what happens when he takes a break? Will he be eating at the party?

The Time

What duration will the blackjack table rental be available for? What time will the croupier arrive? What time will he leave? Will he be willing to extend his time if necessary? In case of extension, will he require food and drinks? And what about smoke breaks?