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Short Girls can’t Wear Long Dresses

You don’t have to stick to shorter hemlines just because you have a diminutive, petite frame. Long maxi dresses and ankle length or floor sweeping gowns will look equally beautiful on you if you know what to wear and how to wear it.

Most Common Fashion Myths Busted

For all those of you who follow fashion rules and trends blindly, fashion has stopped following its constricting rules to dissolve the myths it had given birth to. If you are a person who spends most of her leisure time in a fashion boutique, trying out one look after another with ensemble pieces, here is the new fashion rule – break the rule and create your own Avant garde look.

Wear Only One Bold Colour at a Time

The hottest accessorising trend this season is to mix and match different types of metal jewellery together to create a glamorous and chic look. Mixed metal jewellery including golden and silver coloured ones spice up leopard print or animal print outfits.

What does the fee cover?


Long dresses with wedge heels can elongate your figure, make you look slimmer and create lean and long lines. But don’t choose a long dress or gown that overpowers your tiny figure or fits improperly. If necessary, alter it and get it hemmed to create the right length.

Busty Women can’t Wear Prints

If you notice carefully, any fashion boutique that caters to larger sized women carries a lot of prints, especially large floral prints for women with big busts. Prints, especially large ones divert attention away from all the wrong areas and help you camouflage your fat. Smaller prints will not help to cover up as they can get lost. So go for bold, big patterns.