Brendan Elias Is an Import Guru. (Here’s Why)

Brendan Elias has been running the China Import Formula since 2009. For more than 8 years, his trainees have learned a lot from his courses and seminars.

At the same time, he shares to start-up businessmen the best instructions and strategies on how to survive and thrive in the industry. Also, his success in the importing industry speaks about the standards he set and abide by.

He owes his foundational learning and the experiences he wilfully shares to others from his father Nat, who was an expert trader and importer, who was known for importing high-quality brands to Australia during his youth.

Until now, he imparts his experiences and strategies to his trainees and students so that they may learn the ins and outs in the industry. Not only that, but these learning guarantee his trainees the success they long for.

Aside from his previous importing experiences that he loves to share, he is also a successful trader. One of his first auctions was the Monkey Magic DVD, an item most people, including the online seller eBay, cannot even find. He took advantage of that opportunity to sell copies of it. Since then, he is earning large profits by selling unique and rare items off to online markets.

Why do you need to know this?

For a man like him to earn lots of money using open opportunities, you can learn everything you need to know first-hand, from Brendan himself. He will guide you and share to you the common trends and challenges of the industry today.

Below are some of the amazing testimonies of his previous trainees, who are now succeeding in their respective retails:

  • ‘Amazing content, the process around China Import Formula for us was, learn before you earn.’ – Daniel Walsh and Janine Harris
  • ‘What I actually got from here was actually the confidence and the final details to actually go for what I wanna do.’ – Phillip Tan

For more information about Brendan Elias’ China Import Formula, and his strategies within the importing industry, contact or subscribe to him through his website or give him a call.