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Top Content Choices to Avoid When Starting Your Website Video Production Strategy

When you start your website video production you want to make sure that you have a powerful message that resonates with the public, so that you generate a viral trend. This is clear, but you really need to avoid becoming that generic and basic company that produces content that is just so chock full of cliché.

These mannerisms are so embedded in our everyday psyche that we rarely notice their use, but every once and awhile you’ll find some produced video that is just so basic that it hurts, when you could take the video and just apply any brand and it would work you know you’ve produced some generic trash.

A strong foundation for your website video production base is most important. You need a serious and powerful concept. You need to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a deep and thoughtful way. If you’re producing web content that your competitor could (if they were allowed to) simply slap their logo on and it would make no difference, then you really haven’t differentiated yourself from them and the video is essentially a waste of time to produce.

Avoid being extremely literal. Showing lush green forests does not automatically mean that you are ecologically conscious. People in lab coats aren’t automatically intelligent doctors or researchers. Try to avoid being so literal, you need to add some creativity to your message, it’s difficult, but if you really want to be successful, try to think of something outside the box, something that hasn’t been done before or hasn’t been done successfully in a very long time.





Stop using happy go lucky hipster soundtracks of ukuleles and happy clapping. Stop using the same old soundtrack over and over again. If you need something cheaply produced that is unique just hit up a freelance audio producer and they’ll get something done for you. If you want higher quality consider hiring a good website video production Sydney company and they’ll get you set with everything you need. No more basic soundtracks please.

The most important things to remember when starting your website video production as a marketing strategy is that you really have to define yourself early on, don’t focus so much on super top notch quality, but rather being unique. Create a hook that your competitors would have only dreamed they could have thought of and run with it. You won’t be sorry.