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The Essential Equipments of Time Lapse Photographers

Time lapse photography is recording of images for a duration of time and then when played back, the images will be seen in continuity for a shorter period of time. The span of time can be anywhere between few seconds to years. For example, a time lapse photographer can take time lapse photos of sunrise to sunset which can take hours to complete. But when this is viewed or converted to time lapse photography, the video will only last for few minutes.

The main purpose of time lapse photographers is to document changes, like the example above, the changes in the appearance of the sun from sunrise to sunset is documented through time lapse photography. The job of a time lapse photographer is to take continuous pictures of the subject as it changes or morphs, and piece these photographs to come-up with a video. The video will showcase the changes that happened in the subject at a faster rate but in actuality, the changes happened for a longer period of time. Listed below are the essential equipments of time lapse photographers:

1) Camera- a digital camera is highly recommended in time lapse photography as it involves continuous shots. You can find good cameras that are used in time lapse photography which has a built-in interval shooter where the camera can be left in the shooting location. This prevents the time lapse photographers from manually taking the shots.



2) Tripod- a steady camera is very essential in time lapse photography and that is why a tripod is an essential because it prevents camera shake. The heavy types of tripod is recommended for outdoor time lapse photography.

3) Intervalometer- the time lapse photographers can just set the interval and the duration and the subjects can be taken with very minimal handling of the camera. This is a good camera equipment in order to avoid shaking the camera as it has a remote control and can be automated accordingly.

4) Battery system- in order for continuity to be captured, a hardworking battery is a must. In case power is getting low, a portable battery charger is essential, too.

5) Filters- though this is optional but time lapse photographers can benefit a lot if they own one. The filter reduces the brightness without sacrificing the color.

Time lapse photography is used to monitor succession of events such in the case of the construction of a building, for laboratory experiments, observation of plant and marine lives, among others.