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Will it be used alone or with another door?

Security screen doors are attached next to solid doors for security and aesthetic purposes rather than to insulate or protect the home from the weather and other harmful elements. Some homeowners use security screen doors without adding solid doors. This means that the security screen doors should fit right into the door frame.

Choosing the Right Security Screen Doors

The perfect security screen doors for your home are the ones that not only provide the right degree of security but also match the design of your house. In the past, metal gates and iron doors were used to safeguard the entry ways of all kind of establishments like government buildings, private properties, churches, and gardens. There are things that need to be considered in choosing security screen doors. They are:

What is the size of the entrance where the security screen doors will be used?

There are many kinds of security screen doors for standard sized entrances. It might be necessary to have custom made security screen doors for entrances that are oversized which can be a bit more expensive than the smaller ones.

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How much is your budget?

Not all homeowners can afford sophisticated security screen doors. It is therefore necessary that you know the options available that can fit into your budget. Security screen doors that have an intricate lock mechanism will be more expensive than ordinary security screen doors. Bear in mind that it might make it difficult for your family to get out of the house in case of emergency like fire and accidents if you have security screen doors with complicated lock mechanism.

Can you install the door on your own or do you need to hire a professional installer?

Although a professional installer will do a much better job, his fee will be an additional cost to the project. Will your budget be enough for this? If you plan to install the security screen doors on your own, choose something that will serve the purpose but will be easy to install and does not require complex tools and experience.

Doing some research about the available security screen doors in your area will give you an idea as to which one will be best for your home. Security screens in Brisbane has affordable pricing on all products. Ask experts if possible. When it comes to your family’s safety, it is good to choose the best security screen doors.


FAQ's regarding how they work and keep pests outside of your living area.