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How to Build a Company of Furniture Removalists

In Australia, furniture removalists are essential service providers in the bustling transport and logistics market. People who have their own removal business must love communicating with people, shuffle from one workplace to another, and have a talent for thinking out of the box. Any form of moving from one place to another is always a stressful activity and to be able to lessen that from your clients without being mired in your own is worth the price tag in the quote.

Furniture removalists in Australia follow the policies in OHS (Occupational Health Safety), driver fatigue management, and other government regulations that oversee the transport industry. The AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) offers training to their members' staff. The course is a certificate level II and has 14 units of competency as of February 2011. Successful removal companies are the ones that have the right regulations and paperwork done while keeping their staff safe.



There is no approximate figure for start-ups in the furniture removal business because according to AFRA, the work of furniture removalists is broad in nature. However, they do suggest that the costs of transport vehicles and its registration, maintenance, and running costs, costs of packing materials and equipment used during removals, OHS compliance, industry association membership costs, and overhead costs will give one an idea how much. Furniture removal businesses can earn about 5 to 15 per cent in profit.

Relax&Move are Northern Beaches first port of call for any removals job. A typical workday for furniture removalists differ daily. Established removalists will have briefed their staff for the scheduled removal jobs for the day. They will also arrive at the worksite and discuss with their client what needs to be done. The items are packed by room and then moved into the vehicle and secured. Upon arrival to the new location and the items unpacked from the vehicle. The removal staffs then returns to the office for debriefing and the necessary paper works.