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Ideas for Real Estate Signage

Real estate marketing can be very challenging because the realtor has to catch the attention of potential buyers. At the same time, buyers prefer to see a sign that has the information that they are looking for so as to catch their interests. Marketing strategies such as online advertisement and classified ads are good way to look for interested buyers, but one way also is through real estate signage. Listed below are tips on how to create a catchy signage:

1) Do include a photo of the property. Potential buyers can be attracted to a place once they have seen, even in passing, the inside look of the house. Real estate signage turns more personal once realtors add pictures of the house. It need not be glamorous photos, but photos that depict why the property is the one that you are looking for.

2) Have a theme. Once you have established your name as a reputable and trusted realtor, create a theme for your real estate signage that is uniquely yours. It can be a slogan or a color that the potential buyers can identify with you. You gain a positive reputation by word of mouth and if the potential buyer recognizes your real estate signage based on the positive reviews you got from your previous clients, then chances are they will visit the property.



3) Proper placement of the signage. Choose to place your signage in a heavy corner where there are many pedestrians and automobiles that pass through. It is also advisable to place the real estate signage near the property that you are selling. It is your way of telling the public that the property is available for viewing. However, be aware of the local rules in terms of signage. Cities have different ordinances regarding eh size and the number of signage.

Types of real estate signage

1) A-frame signage- this is a signage that you can carry around with you. Some are with wheels for easy transport. The advantage of this type of signage is that you can place it in one corner, then remove it the end of the day. Some are made from aluminum sheets, some from wood, and other sturdy materials.

2) Corflute real estate signage- this is made from plastic materials that can withstand all weather conditions. You can hang it or you can attach it on an A-frame sign. It is durable and it can be cut according to your specifications.


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