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Reasons You Need To Hire A Good Floor Sanding Service

When your home has excellent wooden flooring, you can be sure that your guests will be in awe and it can also be your home’s best asset. For flooring with astonishing finish, it is important that you hire the reliable floor sanding service in West Brisbane. Although you can perform the job yourself, there is no assurance that you will be able to achieve durable finish. This is why it is worth hiring professionals to do the job.

What are the processes involved in sanding floors?

There are various processes involved in sanding floors and it uses an abrasive material so the floor’s top surface will be effectively removed. The materials where sanding are allowed include timber, particleboard, cork and parquet flooring. The processes involved in sanding are preparation, actual sanding and coating with the use of protective sealant.




It is important that the protruding nails above the wood are punched down. Sanding machines may get damaged if there are nails sticking out. Staples and tacks are also removed to ensure that further damage will be prevented. Once adhesives, nails, tacks and staples are completely removed, the second stage will be the sanding process. It is important that the floor is flat and this is done by removing or cutting down old coatings. The sander will use grit papers for the first cut. The boards must have the same measurement and any difference will be removed. Although there are various types of sand paper, the most common being used for floor sanding is 40-grit coarse sandpaper.





For timber grain, large sanders must be required and areas that are hard to reach need an edger. Each stage requires different sandpapers so a stunning finish will be produced. After sanding, the third and final stage will be coating. In this stage, the sander uses sealants such as polyurethane or oils.


If you are going to employ traditional sanding techniques, you may have to deal with a big dust. This is why when hiring floor sanding services, make sure you ask for the techniques they are going to use. As much as possible, you should hire the ones that use advanced techniques and modern equipment so dust will be minimized. In fact, more advanced sanding techniques will involve dust-free process. The sander you should hire must also have sufficient experience and you need to check their credibility as well. Choose timber flooring Perth that has been in the business for several years. If they have a website, you can use it as your main source of information for checking the provider’s credibility.

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