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Cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines

Preventive maintenance will not only improve the quality of your coffee, but also prolong the life of the equipment. This will, in long run, save you money and help a top quality commercial coffee machine run over 10 years even. Listed here are some of the simplest activities that you can perform as part of preventive maintenance.
Constant cleaning activities start with the purge of the steam wand before and after each use. The wand should also be wiped with a damp cloth immediately after each use. Keep the outside of the machine pristine, as otherwise you may be turning away customers.


Also, keep an eye on the waste pipe and make sure that it is never clogged by used ground coffee.

The daily cleaning routine is the most important that you do to ensure a long trouble free life for your commercial coffee machine. Internal pipes get coated with coffee oils with use; the best way to ensure that you get the best coffee out of them is to clean the internals of the machine on a daily basis. A wide variety of tablets and fluids are available to aid you in this. Examples include Cafiza, PuroCaf, or JoeGlo. You should also back-flush your machine at the end of the day.





Back-flush is a fairly simple process that cleans the dispersion block, shower screen and everything that can be found inside and above the portafilter. This also clears the passageway that the water for the brew takes, through the 3 way valve to the drain tray. The path could be close to a foot long, and will slowly be jammed by solidifying coffee oils if the machine is not regularly back-flushed.

It is also important to check the type of water that goes into our machine. If the water at your location is hard, it will form limescales inside the machine. This build up of limescale not only has a negative effect on the coffee taste but also will decrease the life of the commercial coffee machine. One of the ways to handle hard water is by placing a glass marble in the water chamber. The marble will attract the minerals dissolved; wash it at the end of each workday.


Another way of handling hard water is by adding a water softener to protect your machine. This softener will have to be regenerated on a weekly basis. Adding a softener will also make your coffee taste better. As you see preventive maintenance is not hard to perform, just make it a part of your routine for great tasting coffee.