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As the roots of trees extend to look for moisture, they occasionally reach the drains. If there are small cracks in the piping, the roots will penetrate and block drains. Since the roots are growing from under the ground, you may never see this problem coming.

Similarly, leaves falling from the trees during autumn are also a culprit. To avoid debris from getting into the drains, cut or prune the trees meticulously all year round. In addition, remove tree stumps to prevent the roots from growing. 

Reasons For Occasional Blocked Drains

Every homeowner and landlord has experienced blocked drains at some point. While the problem affects everyone in the domestic department, the solutions to the challenges could be drain cleaning service

With children pushing foreign objects down the drain, some drains may be blocked because of an involuntary act such as soap slipping out of your hands. Discover top things that block drains and find out the solutions to the problem. 

Grease and fat

This is perhaps the leading cause of blocked drains anywhere. Luckily for you, grease and fat are the easiest to deal with as far as unblocking a clogged drain. Any utensils with fatty residue will have it washed down the drain. As the fat accumulates on the sides of the piping, it reduces the space left for liquid to run. In the end, the grease and fat solidifies, making passage impossible.

To take care of the problem, pour boiling water occasionally down the drain. This melts away the fat, effectively unblocking the pipe. Additionally, avoid throwing greasy substances for, example water that has washed dishes after greasy meals. 



Hair falls from the body involuntarily as you take a shower and as you comb it. Over time, the hair can accumulate and cause a major blockage. This effectively prevents water from passing through.

To prevent this problem, collect all hair that falls on the bathroom floor and as you comb your hair. Alternatively, invest in a device that you can insert in the drain and pull out trapped hair. 


Materials such as soap, tissue paper, nappies, baby wipes, and wrapping paper are among foreign object that can easily block drains. To avoid this problem, discourage al house occupants from flushing materials that do not absorb water.

While a single baby wipe may not block the drain itself, the accumulation of such objects over time is dangerous. Watch out what young children are doing, as they may push objects such as toys down the toilet. Otherwise, you may have to incur huge costs when you have to call a plumbing company to check the block drains. 

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