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Things to park for your party cruise

How to pack for a party cruise is the most sought after question for a good reason. After all most people do this once or occasionally in their lives. Even so, those who do it still struggle with the packing bit because it is not very day that you vacation in the middle of the sea or ocean. This explains why packing for this trip is and shall ever remain to be a challenge. This does not mean it is impossible. With a few tips on how to go about, most people can pack a comfortable bag to last them through the entire cruise.

The first thing to pack when going on a cruise is the coffee mug. Getting coffee while on a cruise is not as easy as you may imagine. You will have to walk up the kitchen areas every time you need to fix one. Due to the safety measures and precautions, you are not allowed to fix coffee in your room. Pack a smarter party cruise carries on.

Once you have your luggage checked in, chances are that you will not see it for another six hours or so. This leaves you with the personal carry on that you will have on you. It helps if this small pack contains everything you will need for the first five or so hours. If you need to hit the hot tub make sure you have your bathing suit in there. If it is dinner seating you intend to grace then you should pack befitting clothes. Bottom line; include everything you will need in the first few hours in your carry on back.


Include a bathroom organizer

Party cruises can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time especially when you realize that you are missing some of the most important toiletries you need to survive on a regular basis. The fact that there are no shops to get everything you need on the ship makes it no better. If you know that you need to use specific products to maintain a certain level of hygiene make sure you pack them in a bathroom organizer. This will help you remember all you need to carry in addition to keeping them in the same place.

Pack a power strip

This being a fun trip, you need to keep the fun going all the time. You may want to play music, watch videos, charge your phone and do all sorts of things using electrical power. With the limited power outlets in most party cruise, this will be impossible unless you bring your own power strip.