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The hiking tiger leaping gorge is known as one of the best hikes in China. It may not be as physically demanding as compared to other trail hikes, bur still, this activity is reserved for those who have no medical conditions. There are many comfortable accommodations at hiking tiger leaping gorge.

One of the major tourist attractions at hiking tiger leaping gorge are the drawings from the cave. The artifacts in the area are preserved. And of course, the sceneries are breathtakingly beautiful. For those who are not as physically fit, bus tours are offered around the canyon.


The Adventures of Hiking at Tiger Leaping Gorge

If you are in a backpacking trips and is in search for fun and fit travel activities, then one of your best options is go to China and try hiking tiger leaping gorge. This activity is not for everyone, you have to be physically fit and healthy in order to trek the mountainous areas. The tiger leaping gorge is considered to be one of the deepest gorges on earth. It is known to hiker enthusiasts as the place is especially known to possess the best hiking trails at Lijang area.

The hiking tiger leaping gorge is divided into three areas: the upper, the middle, and the lower gorge. The most popular tourist attraction at the upper gorge is the mouth of the gorge as well as the leaping boulder. The middle area of hiking tiger leaping gorge are the reef areas and another place where tourists go to on the middle gorge is the Yixiantian. Rapids are also spectacular on the middle gorge. The views at the lower gorge are immaculate and breathtaking. so if you want to experience all these, then go visit China and hiking tiger leaping gorge is an activity that you should not miss.



Popular hiking tiger leaping gorge tour:

1) Hiking from Qiatou to halfway guesthouse- this is a 17 km walk and the estimated total number of hiking hours is roughly six hours. The view of Yulong Snow Mountain and the Jinsha river valley are spectacular.

2) Hiking from halfway guesthouse to lower gorge- there are waterfalls to delight and canyons to adore during the two hour hiking.

The best time to travel to China and go hiking tiger leaping gorge are the months of October, November, and May in order to avoid the rainy season as well as winter season. Enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage and be dazzled with the wonders of the world.

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